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5. Lady - stayed by dead master's side for over a week.

dog stays by dead master's side for a wekk

Maybe Lady couldn't save her master's life, but what she did was a tremendous feat of loyalty. Lady was a companion to 81-year old Parley Nichols of Hartville, Ohio. Nichols was suffering from dementia and one day he wandered off and went missing with Lady following him. He was found dead over a week later outside of town with Lady, who managed to stay alive by drinking water from a nearby creek, still by his side.

4.Angel - saved 11 year old from cougar attack.

sog saves 11 year old from cougar attack

When 11 year old Austin Forman of British Columbia, Canada went to gather wood for his family's wood furnace on a Sunday night, he was very lucky to have Angel by his side. A cougar tried to pounce on him from less than 10 feet away and Angel jumped in the way and took the brunt of the attack. Surgery was required to repair the damage, but Forman is certain the cougar would have killed him if Angel didn't buy the local constable enough time to shoot it.

3. Buddy - brought help to burning home

dog brings help to burning home

When Buddy's owners' Alaska home caught fire, he was instructed by Ben Heinrichs to go and get help. That is exactly what Buddy did - he got the attention of a state tropper who was lost nearby and lead him back to the fire. Buddy kept looking backwards to make sure the trooper kept up. The whole rescue was recorded on camera

2. Roxanne - saved handler from sugar crash

dog saves handler from sugar crash

Roxanne was a dog trained to be a guide for the blind, not to predict medical emergencies. When Joe Mauk of Brookville, PA, blind from Type I diabaetes,  tried to take her out for a walk she would resist. When Mauk finally got her out, he collapsed as his blood sugar crashed. He remembers crawling back to his front door, fighting for conciousness with Roxanne dragging him with her leash. After getting the front door open, Mauk passed out and later woke up with a syringe of glucagon in his leg and Roxanne still by his side. Joe has always been listening to Roxanne's warnings since the event.

1.Dolphins - saved surfer from shark attack

dolphins save surfer from shark attack

When a great white shark peeled the skin off his leg like it was a banana, Todd Endris knew he was done for. Just then, a pod of bottlenose dolphins showed up and started circling Endris, shielding him from the shark. This gave Endris enough time to get back on his surfboard and catch a wave back to shore. The attack happened in 2007 in a marina of Monterrey, California.

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