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During a talk with the Chinese Ministry of Science and Technology, the man behind Microsoft has confirmed his involvement in the development of a Generation IV nuclear reactor. Terrapower, a company in which Bill Gates is the primary investor, will be collaborating with Chinese scientists to bring the concept of a highly advanced nuclear reactor to life.

Most nuclear reactors currently in use are either Generation II or III, with Generation I being shut down long ago. Generation IV does not exist yet, but according to Gates it will be safer, cleaner and less expensive. Generation IV reactors will not need enriched uranium, using depleted uranium instead, which means no nuclear waste at all. They will also be very efficient, running for decades without needing a refuel.

This new generation of reactors isn't even close to existing yet. The earliest estimate for the construction of this type of nuclear reactor is 2030. For the next five years, more possibilities are going to be researched. This research alone could cost over a billion dollars, so it's a good thing that Terrapower has deep pockets backing them.

Written by: Denis Ivanov

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