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There have been plenty of apocalypse theories over the years (remember how Y2K was going to kill us all ?) and this latest one with the Mayans is the current belief. The people at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory have released a video where Don Yeomans, head of the Near-Earth Objects Program Office, dispels all the claims about the world ending in 2012.

The first claim is that the Mayan calendar ends in 2012. According to Yeomans, that's just the end of a cycle, with a new one beginning in 2013. Much like December 31st ends one year and January 1st begins another.

Another prophecy involves a fictional planet called Nibiru, which circles Earth's orbit and is going to collide with it in December 2012. If a whole planet was going to collide with Earth, we would have seen it by now. Even if it were invisible, it would still leave a gravity trail.

Solar flares do exist according to Yeomans, but they're a natural part of the sun's 11-year cycle. They do damage satellites, but the Earth's magnetosphere makes sure that they are not a threat to human health.

To the claims that the planets will align and cause a tidal disaster on Earth, Yeomans responded by saying that the only entities that affect Earth's tides are the moon and the sun, with other planets having virtually no effect.

Finally, there's the claim that the Earth's axis will shift in December. According to Yeomans, even if they were going to shift, it would take thousands of years. And even if it did happen, there would be nothing dangerous for humanity.

Once again, it appears there is no sufficient evidence to suggest that the world is going to end any time soon. There seems to be a new apocalypse thoery almost every year and yet we are still here.

by: Denis Ivanov

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