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There's quite a bit of irony in DARPA chief Regina Dugan making a move from the people that invented the internet to the people that control it now. She is leaving the defense agency for a no doubt lucrative executive position at the web search giant. 

Google haven't stated what exactly her duties and responsibilities will be, but they have stated that she will be a huge asset. Company representatives even called her a "technological pioneer who brought the future of technology to the military during her time at DARPA"

Dugan has received a bit of a reputation at DARPA for emphasizing crowdsourcing and actual completion of projects as opposed to just research. She is also under investigation over awarding defense contracts to RedX Defense, a bomb technology firm that Dugan partially owns. According to the Department of Defense, however, this investigation is not related to her departure. 

Dugan is also famous for having referred to DARPA as "a place of doing" and her outreach to hacker communities.

By Denis Ivanov

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