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THX Steerable Line Array
No matter how much you spend on the latest speakers, the audio will always be heard best in one spot, called the sweet spot. THX's new speaker, the Steerable Line Array, can produce up to 8 sweet spots, making sure that any given person hears the best audio possible no matter where they are sitting.

The SLA uses a special kind of amp that powers up only when the driver aligned with it needs to fire. Not only does this make the speaker generate less heat, it's also much more energy efficient.

During setup, the user actually points the speaker to the seats in the room where the sweet spots are to be generated. This can be done wirelessly with a computer program or a smartphone app. In the future, THX plans for the system to be able to automatically detect people.

THX's current plan for the SLA is to use it in custom installations, but they will soon start licensing it out to third parties to use on their own TVs and sound systems.

By Denis Ivanov

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