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Jeff Bezos is mostly known as the billionaire founder of Amazon, but he also happens to be a huge space geek who even founded his own rocket company, Blue Origins.

Bezos has now set his sights on something big. In a post on his blog, Bezos has announced that his team equipped with the latest in sonar technology was able to locate the Saturn V's engines 14000 feet below sea level. Now all that's left is to go down there and get them. For those not in the know, Saturn V was a NASA rocket that first carried Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin to the moon as part of the Apollo 11 mission. Even today, the rocket's engines are known as some of the most powerful ever made.

Even though founding the largest online retailer isn't something that every man is capable of, this may be one of Bezos' most difficult challenges yet. Pulling some thing this bulky up from 14000 feet deep is hard enough, but something that has been down there for over forty years will require some extra effort. Still, having the engines of the first rocket that took humans to the moon is quite a claim to fame if Bezos can pull it off.

By Denis Ivanov

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