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Articles / Chemistry and Physics

Teleportation has been one of humanity's biggest sci-fi dreams for quite a while now. Even though it doesn't work on humans yet, it's already a reality. Around 2 years ago, Chinese scientists from the University of Science and Technology of China in Shanghai managed to teleport photons to over 10 miles, which broke the quantum teleportation record at the time. The same team has now utterly decimated that record by teleporting the photons to 97 kilometers, which is roughly 60 miles, increasing the range 600%.

The motivation for this is obvious - moving objects without moving them through space would come in very handy for a variety of things. In this case, however, it's not really the object being moved, just information that describes it. The information is then applied to another object elsewhere, thus achieving the illusion of the object changing location. This description alone should be enough to discourage any human from getting ideas until the time is right.

The equipment used includes a laser and some fancy optical equipment. Maintaining information about photons seems to be a challenge so far, but once this technology is perfected, it could be used a base for extremely fast and long range wireless communication. As for teleporting to the grocery store and back, that may be a dream for quite a while longer.

By Denis Ivanov.

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