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Amazon has had quite a bit of success introducing its Kindle e-readers and tablets into the education field. Thier advantages over normal books are obvious after all. Tests previously conducted in a number of Florida schools have shown that the Kindles make students more enthusiastic about studying and reading in general. Now, the online retail giant has taken it a step further with Whispercast.

Whispercast is a piece of software that lets multiple devices be remotely managed from one location. That means teachers can remotely access their student's devices and modify course content as necessary. This would definitely help the education system on the logistics end of things.

Amazon, of course, has an ulterior motive. They sell their tablets and e-readers at a loss, hoping to make up for it in digital content sales. Obviously, having thousands of schools across the nation as their regular customers should be a great thing for business.

Whispercast has a lot of potential. The ability to remotely distribute documents to multiple employees at a time no matter where they are would be pretty useful in the corporate world.

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